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Meeting the participants

During the last half of September and the first half of October the Youthfirst2.0 Team were to meet the local organisations and their members who had shown interest in the project. This happened through meetings and small workshops before the official workshops. The introduction period was interesting because we met the participants in a friendly and informal way.

The organisations participating are AFCD, Tilili, Maane, El Khawarizmi High School and Amal. We are thrilled to work with these organisations whose youth are just incredible. They are filled with energy and interesting thoughts and ideas. The team of Youthfirst2.0 aspire to create workshops full of new and useful information, laughter, new friendships and good energy. This was already fulfilled during the first small workshops with the different organisations. We felt honored to meet these young people and to know that they were going to be part of Youthfirst2.0.


During the first and unofficial workshops we learned about the needs of the different organisations and the desires of the youth. We did this through SWOT-analysis and pairwise rankings. Almost every organisation was interested in learning more about communication, digital marketing, partnerships and funding. Other interesting topics we came around were language training, creative workshops, first aid and educational orientation. In Youthfirst2.0 we want to offer the participants exactly what they are interested in, therefore these workshops were very beneficial. We also learned more about the conditions in Aït Ourir and the surrounding areas.


We now know what our participants want and we have a lot of workshop planning in front of us. The first topic will be communication – a very important skill both in work and private life. The coming weeks offer more workshops and more quality time with our participants. Lets build youth capacities!


All the best from the Youthfirst2.0 team

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