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Know your digital media – Digital Marketing Workshop

In the first days of November our participants were introduced to the second official workshop. The topic was Digital Marketing. The participants learned about the importance of digital media presence and ways to raise awareness online. 

“The workshop was interactive and informative. Now, when I see other people’s posts and stories I analyze them and identify what could be better” – Karima Chemlal, 21, AFCD Youth.


59,3%  of the total Moroccan population uses social media. This is more than half of the population and therefore social media is an effective way to reach as many people as possible. Through social media the participants can inform about their upcoming projects as well as their organisations themselves.

The organisations were to look at their own social media presence during the workshop. This was very effective for them and a huge eyeopener. They all identified something they could improve on when it came to their pages on Facebook and Instagram.

By the end of the workshop the participants were to make their own content. They either made a Reel for Instagram or a post on Instagram or Facebook.

“I think the best part of the workshop was that I got to share my knowledge with everyone. I have been working with social media for years and it felt like I had been keeping the knowledge for myself. The workshop gave me a chance to share what I know with other people.” – Fadoua Badih, 20, Youth Leader


As usual there were fun icebreakers and energizers. They always fill the room with laughter, conversations and new acquaintances. 

But let’s be real, there is always room for improvements and it is important to adress this to ensure an even better workshop in the future.

Karima Chemlal from AFCD Youth expected to explore more tools in the different social media platforms so she can improve her social media game. Our youth leader Fadoua agreed with Karima and said:

“Next time we need to dive into the social media platforms. We want the participants to interact with the media and analyse their own social media accounts and website and identify what could be improved. Learning by doing is so effective.”


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